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Network Partners

The Manitoba Provincial Health Ethics Network (MB-PHEN) was formed in 2009 as a result of the identified need for ethics information-sharing and networking, education, and capacity throughout the province. Each of MB-PHEN's network partners is engaged in ethics initiatives specific to its own health contexts and communities.

MB-PHEN member organizations recognize that the development of an equitable health care system for over one million people presents significant ethical complexities, issues and uncertainties at all levels across all health care sectors.

The three key areas that concern MB-PHEN members are applied ethics, research ethcs, and ethics capacity building. Respecting the diversity and unique cultures in Manitoba's health care system, each member organization addresses these according to its own ethics infrastructure.

The pages in this section will outline the processes and resources for healthcare decision making that are available in your region.


Ethics Algorithm
When an ethics issue arises, staff look for resources and strategies to help solve it. We have developed an ethics issue review process that reflects the diversity of our health regions and health service organizations, and supports health care providers in finding the best possible solution to the ethical challenges they encounter in their work.

If you have an unethical situation, this resource algorithm may help you identify the most appropriate place to get help with it. It has been approved by the MB-PHEN Council.

Issue Review Process
MB-PHEN does not offer ethics consultation services, but we can provide resources and strategies for some specific situations in the form of an Ethics Issue Review. These reviews consist of a summary of the situation, a description of some ethical considerations, a set of questions for discussion and reflection, and a list of references. While this is not always as satisfying as a formal ethics mediation or consultation, it can help to ensure all the important factors have been considered.

If you have an ethical issue you feel might benefit from an issue review, read through the process, then talk with the ethics contact for your region or organization.