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Are you interested in encouraging ethics discussion in your team, site or program? A series of Talking Ethics and Moral Distress are provided below to get those conversations started!

Talking Ethics Series

Moral Distress Series

Pocket Cards
MB-PHEN has created ethical decision making framework pocket cards to use as a resource in your day-to-day work. One is a summary of Ethical Decision-Making Framework that was developed by MB-PHEN and is in use in many areas within the network. The second is a summary of the Four Topics Method by Jonsen, Siegler and Winslade (2010). This is an ethical decision-making tool that can be useful in clinical situations, and is also part of the MB-PHEN framework. Users are encouraged to become familiar with the full versions of these frameworks and to use the pocket card as memory joggers once they are comfortable using the framework.

It is suggested that these documents be printed on both sides of a heavy card stock or paper, cut to size and laminated. They were designed to be similar in size to most identification badges.