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Health Ethics forum 2017

Health Matters: A Call to Ethical Action


Forum Objectives

  • To explore ethics in health and social services
  • To examine ethical themes, concepts and issues of interest to people working in health care settings
  • To provide health care workers with practical tools for making ethical decisions
  • To shape and inform ethical policies that reflect our commitments to respect for all persons


This forum will appeal to anyone who has encountered an ethical decision. This includes health care providers, managers, and administrators, as well as members of the public, and other professions such as social services, education, and industry. Anyone with an interest in ethics or a role with an ethics committee will find the sessions and networking opportunities to be valuable.


Even with a well-developed sense of right and wrong, it can be difficult to do the right thing. This conference will explore some of the dilemmas, challenges and conflicts that arise in the provision and receipt of health and social services. With the intent of encouraging reflection and dialogue in ways that individuals can improve the world in which we live and work, presenters will inspire concrete action on a range of ethical issues such as diversity, accessibility and inclusion, clinical conflicts, end-of-life care, challenges in rural health settings, equity, and decolonization.

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Plenary Sessions

1 - Living with a Disability: A Technical Challenge
Jim Sanders

2 - LGBTTQ Inequities Within the Healthcare System: Focusing on Lesbian and Queer Women's Experiences in Manitoba
Dr. Deborah McPhail
Powerpoint Handouts

3 - We Only Have One Chance to Get This Right
Dr. Frank Bovell, Lynn Granke & John Friesen
Powerpoint Handouts

4 - A Call to Action
Powerpoint Handouts

Concurrent Sessions

A1 - Multiple Relationships in Rural Practice
Mary Ellen Parsons

A2 - Let's Break the Binary - Challenge Gender Stereotypes
Jackie Swirsky

B1 - The Rollout of the Prairie Mountain Health Ethical Decision Making Framework
Nancy Hughes-Gibb

B2 - Over My Dead Body
Doug Koop & Jessica Ammeter

C1 - Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
Dr. Kim Wiebe
Powerpoint Handouts

C2 - Ethics and Spirituality
Helen Holbrook